How do I start Blogging?

How do I start Blogging?

(Non-Techies and Techies Proof)


Blogging, WordPress, making money online, How do I start?

Is it hard work? What will I need to know starting out?

How do I build a website that suits my needs?


I can officially say I have mastered the art of WordPress/Blogging and you can too! I am not sure who has been keeping up with me, but perfection is a disease I tell you and ironically I'm a Virgo! Yes when it comes to something we truly care about, Perfection is all we aim for and nothing less. I can't say that this site is there yet in my eyes,  but I'm somewhere between "it's a journey" and " it's got to be perfect" (sigh). I have learned a few tricks and made a few mistakes and said [email protected]#K IT  at least half a dozen times. It's crazy the journey this has been, I went from a WordPress powered site with over 69 and counting subscribers in less than 3 months by just letting my creative juices flow to this website, crazy, momtrepreneur on a mission to relaunch the best business website to provide for her family.

Making money online while blogging or through blogging is possible! You can have that freedom and control as to when, where and how you work. It's crazy to think I never saw myself using my daily skills or writing for that matter to make my living an option ( as I wasn't a writing expert, I was more on the creative side). Combining the two and just daily expressing myself, I got better at the two and my passions came to life. The hardest part about working online or blogging for that matter is knowing where and how to start. Due to my journey of starting up and going through the different trail and errors run, I've  decided to detail exactly what is needed so you can have your own blog or online business today  

"They say if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

"The average millionaire has several sources of income, start creating  your streams" (they had the nerves to say average)

            These were just a few quotes I was telling myself to justify my crazy when I got started, being a mom, working a 9-5, freelancing doing transcriptions, web design (for myself and others), graphics, all while trying to relaunch and create the best site to showcase my work details, blog was a handful indeed but can be done once driven enough. This has been the most stressful month(on the verge of vacation at that) not to mention household duties and drama. I just can't wait to get my vacation started, I could sleep for a whole day or two, no disturbance!

....Cue Bere's Hammond " no disturbance sign" (one of my favorite)

          The beauty that came out of that whole month of headless chicken behavior was so much more than I expected. I finally settle on a vision, I gained new skills sets and understood this online world a bit better (I'm still no guru or pro). However, I do have some tips/steps for you and new quotes as my previous ones were going to drive me crazy than I already am (not sure that's even possible).

All you will need to keep in mind are these 6 steps and your blog or your online web presence

will be exactly as you desired and running smoothly  right out the door

  1. Decide what your niche will be or if you want to have a niche
  2. choose a domain name that best suit the presence you wish to offer
  3. Find a suitable secure host
  4. Install a theme/design a website
  5. Propagate your site with your produts/services and content
  6. Have fun!

I can guide you through this process for a reasonable fee via email or Skype 



Step 1.  Decide on a niche or if you want to have a niche


What do I mean by that?


A niche is simply narrowing down what your blog will be about, if you are passionate about motherhood, parenting, travel, beauty, fashion, whatever it is, you can write about it. If you decide to pick a niche, it is very important to stay within the niche selected, as you don't want to confuse your audience. If you started with speaking about travel and nature but then ended offering fashion ideas,  your main audience of travel and nature enthusiasts will start to lose interest as your information no longer serves them and may end up leaving altogether. If you wish to not select a niche as you have several different interests that you are passionate about (Highly suggested) that is also okay as well. You never know where your blog may lead you, so I suggest to be open-minded and create, create and more creating content you love and are passionate about.  Focus on the topic your audience really gravitate towards and pick that as your main primary go-to topic. This will make sure you will always have that traffic coming to your website and interest will always be on your side as you won't have to limit yourself and struggle to keep a given topic entertaining.

Step 2.  Choosing a domain name that best suit the presence you wish to offer


What do I mean by that?


A domain name is a unique name we create for our website, that tells a person what we are about or will be offering. Choosing this unique name for your web presence is important but shouldn't have to worried months about having the perfect name (mind you I'm working on that) when you really should be focused on sharing content and getting started with your web presence. Whatever name is chosen, quality content will always supersede and have readers interested and increase blog traffic.

Domain names can be bought very cheaply should cost $11 at most, Blue Host has an offering that will assist with that if you chose to use them for web hosting, which leads us to step #3.


Step 3. Find a suitable secure host


What do I mean by that?


A web hosting service provider provides the technologies and services needed for your website and presence to be view on the internet, they are stored/hosted on special computers called servers. Base on my experience and research done, I will break this up into Non-Techies and Techies  



  • Choosing such a site is crucial for my non-techies, you don't want to have to jump ship because you followed the hype and became complete loss due to not having the mindset to learn or skills to function your site well. As my mother would say, not knowing your head from your foot and making a complete mess of what you had going. I would suggest you host with WordPress with Square space or Wix free versions and gradually upgrade to their paid services. Allowing you to focus on content and not much of the technicalities as they will take care of most of that. Only "Con" is that you will be limited in customization and creative feel you will be able to give your audience


  • If you are like me, however, it will pay off to learn from your mistakes. Self-hosting require a lot of attention and carries a lot of technicalities to maximize performance, your best pick will be choosing. they are one of the most popular hosts used by bloggers. They offer fast loading page times, free domain name included, free site builder, 1 click WordPress installer and they are quite affordable, click picture link to get started on becoming your own boss!
  • Blue Host will require some technical skills so be prepared, either to have assistance or spend time with YouTube.


I could maintenance and/or completely design a website for you


Bonus Tip #1:  With Self-hosting, make sure your site is secure and running on an SSL Certificate/HTTPS, especially if you plan on selling one or two products or services and will have persons entering their personal information, such as password, credit and debit card information and etc. You can pay for an annual certificate as you are signing up with your specific Web hosting provider or you can access free credible providers of SSL Certificate/HTTPS. This is effective for those who are multinational stores but are  for freelancers trying to offer a few products/services, as then you will be allowed to add your own personalized subscription, buy now or donate pay pal button, without all the woo commerce fancy that is still effective yet simple and that's not even the best part. The best part is that no technical skill is required

Shoot me an email/chat, if you wish to learn of free resources to do this, that will work just as great as the paid!



Step 4. Install a theme/design a website


What do I mean by that?


It's time to create a web presence, call your website. A website is a collection of related web pages with multimedia content located with a unique domain name and stored/hosted on at least one web server offering creative content, products or services from a company or a person. Depending on your choice of web hosting, you will either be able to install a theme or design /customize your own very website presence. Again I will give a Non-Techies to Techies point a view.


  • you will have to choose a theme that is desktop and mobile fragile, as nowadays most readers are viewing content on their cell phones. whatever theme you choose, be sure to test it out for yourself, making sure that everything is clearly labeled and the reader is able to easily navigate from a page to page, otherwise outsource and get a Web designer.


  • building a website can be time-consuming and will have you changing and fixing each time you thinking of a new idea (like me, sigh).Creating a website that really gives your audience the feel you desire is priceless, so invest and put in the effort.

Bonus Tip #2: Whatever your business is, you will need a website and on that website, you will need a blog, unless you're a content creator/writer who mostly uses words as their general offering. You will need a newsletter, blog, upcoming events corner, whatever you decide to call it. Why you may ask? Well Google picks up words and videos far better for one, and if your pages are limited and not properly suited for search engines, you will be lowly ranked and  your exposure and potential clients or subscriptions will not be as high, giving you less traffic and less money flow from Google Adsense and other similar sites. adding keywords and matching those keywords as well as making sure your words are readable and used often within the body of your post passing at least 500 words is key.


Step 5. Propagate your site with your products/services or content


What do I mean by that?


Create, Create and Create some more

Your audience will not grow overnight (I sure wish it did), it also won't happen without consistent content uploads for your readers or buyers to enjoy. Make sure to update site at least once or twice a week, sharing consistently is important to your audience. There are also other factors that can go into daily driving factors to your website. I love sharing new resources, subscribe and I will let you in on some of my little gems I have picked up along the way.


Step 6. Have fun!


What do I mean by that?


Some of the best bloggers are the ones that have fun and enjoy the content they are creating while creating it. Whatever you are doing, Don't be like me and trying to do all at one time and over think. Learn each step and master it, take breaks and certainly follow your heart on what works for you. Be passionate, consistent and involve in your growth, that's the beauty of blogging. Interact with you blogging community, meet new people (love to all the ones I have met so far) and follow these step and watch as your popularity grows. Freelancing and working online is great, making money and being you own boss is even greater but it is important to have fun with what you are doing first, that's how you reap the beautiful rewards, I have been there and trust me done that and about to be there again, ha!. I have come a long way and have even further to go if I'm to match my big dreams, the best thing is that we have started the journey. There will be up and downs and on some days you won't have it all figured out, that's life, don,t let that stop you.

 If you still have questions? Contact me or comment below and I would love to help in any way I can 


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  • The niche is very important but ,sometimes, one can’t stick to it. Interesting and very useful points. Thanks for sharing