My Freelancing Journey


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Freelancing 101

How do I work from Home? I want to work online?

What do I need to know? Do all online jobs require a start-up investment?

How has your journey been? Can I maintain a steady income from this medium?

“No one can change their past but everyone can create the future they desire”

Yes! Today is a good day for a fresh start at living the life that you desire. Now, know this isn’t limited to freelancing, it can be your dream 9-5 or Family life, whatever set your soul on fire, seek it today! Freelancing can be one of the ways you can change your lifestyle and mindset, It sure changed mine.

I have been freelancing for a quite some time now and I can assure you that it can be rewarding. You can surely work from home and create a business online that will be able to give you the freedom to be with family and still make a steady income to support you and your family lifestyle. I have been able to enhance my lifestyle by working on platforms and marketing my website to potential customers, offering Transcriptions, Graphics, Web Design, Powerpoint Presentation and so much more. I do this all with a 9-5, a child, and a partner to attend to. This may not be easy but it’s definitely worth it, once you are willing to put in the work. I will stress this as much as I can, the success of anything you take on in life solely depends on you and the work ethics you push forward. I have had to stay up to 4 in the morning meeting deadlines (whether set by me or clients), sleep and wake up back by 6-630 to take my child to school and be at my 9-5 by 8 o clock and repeat that cycle over a week.

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How Do I Work From Home Online?

Working online/home can sometimes be difficult to figure out base on your geographical location, as it may carry some restrictions but there are ways and means to get around this I have learned.

You may work on platforms that are international such as these:

Become a buyer or seller on FIVERR!

You can use my promo code for a $5 start-up bonus


Get working on UpWork

You can shoot me an email for free guidance on setting up your profile


Experience freedom with Freelancer

They’re workable and the jobs come to you and Outsourcing can be done here as well


Referrals are another way to work online:

Ebates has a great referral program

You are able to shop, get coupons, and cash-backs as well as get bonus referral cash of $50 for each person you refer to promo codes such this one


It works is an another great referral service

If you are good at selling and pushing items of a certain nature, this can be a perfect fit for you. Shoot me an email and I can help put you on to reps for step by step guides.


Amazon has a variety of way to use their referral program

They tend to go from selling on their website to reviewing products and more and gaining a commission for doing so. Check out their referral program at the bottom of their website


If these suggestions are not for you on your freelancing journey, then you can go the traditional known ones of, blogging, product/service websites and social media management. These are still effective but require a lot more focus and drive to maintain a steady income. All work from home and online jobs require an investment be it time or money, In this world of business, you may can“wing” the first year of a business but to keep going over for more than a year or three, you will have to PAY TO PLAY!.

What do I mean by that?

This means if you are not knowledgeable about a specific aspect of your business, that you will need to invest time/money into learning how to get something done or pay to outsource the task. I say this because a lot of people I have come across, keep saying, I would love to work online, I would love to work from home, but I would want the ones I don’t need to pay a start-up fee or will ever have to invest into that much, and you already know my answer was: ” let me know of that one when you find it, I would love that too”. But if I’m to be serious, we both already know it doesn’t exist. Anything we acquire in life, be it a house, a man , a child, job, being a boss, friends, a pet and even your feelings, if we are truly honest with self all require a bit of work to get, keep and maintain; whether physically, mentally and financially and socially. Once we get over that stepping block and get out of our way, freelancing is a whole new world waiting for us and building day by day.

The knowledge is there for us all, you just have to really want it. I remember my starting up days, where I thought I didn’t need help. I would do the research and run a few trial and still was stuck. It wasn’t until I met like-minded people already in the fields Shandean WilliamsReid who also operates and paid to play at Internet Income Jamaica which is in my local region. In most countries and regions, there is people and organization like theses around and strongly building the freelancing communities, get involved, learn a few things or build and grow your knowledge capacities(as like technologies these days, new knowledge become old knowledge pretty fast, so keep up!).

Whatever you decide to do, put your heart, mind and intellect and soul into even the smallest acts, this is the “big” secret to success and why being your own boss can sometimes be so draining but fulfilling at the same damn time ( I’m a music geek, you already know what trap song came to mind) Ha!. That’s definitely what I did and I’m truly happy I made the jump and I’m grateful for all the help and outsourcing I did (paid or otherwise) as my business is better for it and so am I.

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  • Candice
    4 months ago

    Excellent tips! Will be taking asvantage of some of the resources