The Team


"You cannot outrun your picture of life, so why not create the picture you desire" -Mr Tice

      In a conversation with one of our client, we were currently doing a transcription for, which he will eventually turn into an E-book. He stated that his goals are to show young people that they can create their future. This touches us here at STBBLOG, as our founder (Joel Heron) was a young person who always had a dream to create the picture she desires for all areas of her life. However, for a period she really felt stuck, nothing seemed to have been following through. She did everything as told, excel with your grades, goes to high school, then university: A degree will get you a good job (the lies).  What was learned on that journey, is that education is key to everything, but never follow society view of what your path should be (It's very limited) Gain as much as you can, learn new things always and walk the path that best suits your needs.

It's through this journey that Spot The Beauty Blog was born because I had to quickly learn to spot the beauties, stay motivated and work at creating my picture (don't give up). Part of this picture had the goal to work online and to service others, I'm glad to be able to do just that today with my STBBLOG TEAM.

"Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve your own"-Les Brown

I thank all our returning supporters and our potential supporters to come, for allowing us to take your worries and help you save time and compliment the grow of your goals and dreams. We also want to thank the like mind person we were able to have met that have also helped us to help you achieve our own greatest vision.

"Life has no limitations only the one we set for ourselves" Les Brown

Be your own hero today, learn something new, if you aren't able to fully accomplish on your own, ask questions and outsource. Start to chase those dreams, create that picture you desire, be present and accountable for your dreams. STBBLOG TEAM did just that and we are here to help you along your journey. 

"Too many of  us re not living our dreams, because we are living in our fears"- Les Brown


STBServices Team